How to Measure Your Body Fat for Smart Weight Loss

Experts often recommend weight loss regimen as an option once the Body Mass Index (BMI) begins to exceed 24.9. In most cases, individuals make adjustments to their diet, adopt a disciplined eating habit, cut down on fats and carbonated drinks, burn calories through some exercises and sometimes register for fitness sessions under trainers.

It is quite baffling when such individuals do not attempt to find out if the Body Mass Index is all there is about losing weight. As the name implies, your BMI only caters to the fatness of your body. Other factors have been lumped together without giving an exact breakdown.

Woman measuring her waistline in gym

For such people, losing weight might be a frustrating cycle that seems not to yield the result in spite of efforts taken to achieve the desired result. Even for individuals who have intimidating physiques and look healthy by their appearance, their body mass index might be a one-sided indication only giving information on their overall body weight.

So what does body fat conjures in the minds of people?

When you’re obese, you’re made to believe that fat is toxic! It is true, but some fat are healthy for the body.
Eicosapentaenoic and docosahexaenoic fatty acids are beneficial to the body. There are body fats that protect vital organs in the body.
You may then ask why it is necessary to take note of other body compositions when the primary objective is to have a healthy weight. The reason is that the composition of the Body Mass Index (BMI) includes body fat percentage, bone mass, hydration level, muscle mass and body age.

These various compositions constitute your body weight, and you cannot attain a healthy weight if any of them is neglected.

Body Fat scale comes in as a utility product providing a breakdown on each of this aspect of the body weight. If you are running a weight loss treatment, your regular weighing scale is not sufficient to provide you withal the data required. A fat analyzer that keeps track of the mineral density of your bones (bone mass), the level of water in your body (hydration), the body’s biological age, and muscle mass is necessary if you want to make progress.

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A weight regimen needs an evaluation of the progress that might have been made over a period. You need to make comparisons between net weight over a period of time, and a Body Fat scale does that expertly with their highly structured mobile application. You will not only be able to keep track of the progress made over time, but you will also see your dream weight as a feasible objective!