5 Easy Weight Loss Smoothies

Maybe you are one of those that often wondered why some persons lose their weight in an incredibly fast manner. Or you may have tried many methods to shed those fats, but none seem to do the magic.

Well, many of these persons, who lose weight so fast, use smoothies. And when we talk about smoothies, they are made with fruits that you can easily get from your local markets or groceries stores.

In this post, you will see with you five smoothies that you can prepare in less than 10 minutes –containing the needed nutrients to make you lose your weight.

The good thing about them is that you can take them any time of the day; even much better is that they can replace your meals without any hassle.

These are the five smoothies that can do the magic of making you lose your weight:

  1. Apple and coconut water smoothie

It is one of the best weight loss smoothies, needing apple and coconut water, as the name suggests, to make.

However, adding lemon is essential, and you can be a lot more creative by adding other things to it. Lemon brings its detoxifying ability to play, helping shed those fats even as you add some chunks of coconut.

The chunks of coconut contain fats which will help you keep your mood in check –since you are bound to have mood swings when losing weight.

You can make do with about 4 to 5 almonds as well as a cucumber to make the smoothie more nutritional better.

You can use less coconut water and two or three apples to make the smoothie thicker, giving off that feeling that you are taking a substantial meal. This smoothie can perfectly stand in place of the oatmeal smoothie.

  1. Mango smoothie

The fruit itself comes with a lot of nutritional benefits and is making a smoothie with it gives you a thick paste. The beautiful thing about mango is that it does not contain a lot of calories as wrongly believed –don’t fear that taking it will make you add on weight.

How do you make a mango smoothie?   

Get some pieces of mango and mix them up with lime juice, or coconut water, and some natural sugar-free yogurt.   You don’t need much water in it, and you can take it when you feel weak due to the low sugar content –you’ll pick up energy immediately.

  1. Peanut butter with banana

You can make you peanut butter at home as buying from the store has a high tendency of containing more sugar –a no-no for you.  This smoothie is capable of providing you a lot of energy.

You make it by mixing one banana, and two tablespoons of peanut butter with plain yogurt –after which you blend them. You can use it for breakfast, lunch or dinner – a great recipe that will make you not feel as if you are on a diet.

  1. Lemon orange smoothie


It is ideal for those who are deficient in Vitamin C.  You can make it by using some seedless orange pieces, lemon juice and a glass of water and when it comes out tangy, adding some banana or sweet fruit will do the magic.

Making it with just oranges and lemon juice ensures it comes with fewer calories and there is the good news of taking it any time of the day. You can add some fruits if you like so that it can suit your taste.

  1. Pineapple smoothie

Using pineapple smoothie is a good way to shed the fats.  Pineapple smoothie is tasty as well as very healthy as it can handle stomach upset. 

The pineapple smoothie is also suitable for children and is one of the thick smoothies you can make at home. Pineapple carries natural carbohydrate –keeping the body filled for an extended period.

To make the pineapple smoothie, take some fresh piece of pineapples or even a canned one, put skim milk –depending on the season –you can also include ice cubes.

The next step is to blend them, and in not less than five minutes, you will have your delicious smoothie, ready to be served.

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