15 Tips To Help You Lose Weight Fast

15 Tips To Help You Lose Weight Fast

Many people struggle with weight issues. They tend to use pills, diets or supplements to lose weight. However, there have been many recommended ways to lose weight without having to risk one’s health or lose sanity.

Below are some proven helpful and healthy exercises, which can help to lose weight fast and safe. To reduce weight do not skip meals, or starve or other dangerous and unhealthy strategies.
1.Keep a Record of Your Weight Loss

To lose belly fat, you are advised to do exercises. Asides exercises it is recommended that you maintain a record of your weight loss. It is one sure way to lose weight fast as it shows your progress level in your quest to lose weight.

It may sound tedious, but later on, it is an excellent way to track your weight loss progress. People who have such records tend to lose weight faster than those who do not.


2. Always Drink Plenty of Water

Water is critical to our health as it is also a necessity in weight loss. Taking water in the morning helps to save calories as well as contributes to cleanse the body of toxins. If you do not like to drink water in its plain form, you can add either of lemon, lime or mint. You need to drink between 8 – 10 glasses of water every day for practical results.

3. Stay Away From Energy and Diet Drinks

Stay Away From Energy and Diet Drinks

Energy and Diet drinks have been found to contain lots of harmful chemicals, which when taken, ensures that people feel hungry or crave for sugar, which would not be appropriate for weight loss. Therefore, to lose weight, stay away from both energy and diet drinks.

4. Get a Fitbit


Equipment such as Fitbit has been proven to be very helpful in aiding the process of weight loss. Getting one during weight loss would help to speed up the process.

5. Use A Weight Loss Application on Your Smartphone or Tablet

Weight loss applications are substitutes for weight loss journals. Modern weight loss applications such as “Map My Fitness” or “Lose It” could be downloaded on your smartphones or tablets for easy tracking of calorie  intake and calories burned during exercises.

These applications can be free and paid for, depending on which suits you. Get one to aid your weight loss procedures.

6. Reduce Amount of Time Spent Dining Out

Lessen the amount of time spent dining out helps to save you calories, as well as helps you save some money. There are so many meals that would not be necessary when trying to lose weight.

More of these meals are found in restaurants and seem tempting. Rather than dine out eating unhealthy foods that do not aid weight loss, shop for foods that you can prepare at home that would assist you in losing weight fast.

7. Make Healthy Diet Choices

Make Healthy Diet Choices

When you decide to dine out, you should make healthy choices when selecting foods. Always read ingredients attached to each food item bought. Remember not to fill up on appetizers and bread all the time. Also, avoid desserts, alcoholic beverages, and fancy coffee if you seek to lose weight.

8. Go For Smallest Portions of Food

As much as possible, eat smaller portions of food as it helps you to save lots of calories. Go for foods without butter. The size of food taken into the body matters when you are trying to lose weight.

9. Form the Habit of Eating With Smaller Plates and Bowls

Image result for small plates

In addition to eating most minor portions of foods, using smaller plates and bowls when eating helps to ensure that you eat less. It is great to form the habit of using small plates when eating as it also helps you to lose weight.

10. Exercise Almost Every day – At Least 30 Minutes Daily

Any cardio exercise at least for 30 minutes daily would help in weight loss. Uses as leg shifts while watching television, walking can contribute to boost your metabolism, make you feel energized and assists in swing weight faster.

11. Ensure you Get a Full Night Sleep

Research has shown that people who sleep at least 8 hours at night tend to lose weight than those who sleep for 5 hours or less. When you get a full night’s sleep, you feel refreshed and energized to work out in the morning.

12. Use the Stairs Rather Than The Elevator

As part of exercises, learn to use the staircase rather than the elevator at work, mall or store as this helps in trying to lose weight.

13. Cut Down Drastically On Carbohydrate Intake

Cutting down on your intake of carbohydrate contributes to losing weight. Carbs are harder to burn in the body because they become sugar. You should eat more of proteins such as fish and green vegetables, nuts, beans as well as lentils.

14. Reduce Fancy Coffee Intake

Many people tend to waste calories on beverages. Avoid fancy coffee, but replace it with regular coffee with half skim milk. Also, run away from flavored coffee creamers as they contain fat, sugar and other harmful chemicals, dangerous in trying to lose weight.

15. Include Spices Into Your FoodImage result for spices

Healthy spices, such as pepper, cayenne, ginger, garlic, turmeric, cumin, and cardamom, are great in weight loss. It is because they all contain flavors without calories, which helps to burn fats. Also, hot sauce added to meals also contribute to burning calories.   


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